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Impotence in Men – Treatment Options

Unfortunately, impotence has become a very common sexual issue today. The statistics show that millions of men in different parts of the world are dealing with some kind of erectile dysfunction. What is shocking is that only 15% of them actually look for professional help. The others keep this problem as a secret and only they and their partners know about this. In addition, some of them don’t establish relationships because they are afraid that they will fail to please their partner in bed. Men suffering from impotence should know that this health issue can be solved relatively easy and there are few treatment options that they should take in consideration.

First and foremost, they must take special care of their diet. What you eat can significantly affect your performance in bed. According to many experts, the best idea is to increase the intake of foods that stimulate production of nitric oxide. In case you didn’t know, this compound is spread throughout the body when men are sexually stimulated. Nitric oxide is here to relax the muscles and allow better blood flow in the penis which eventually results in firm and long-lasting erection. In other words, you can’t expect a firm erection without proper production of nitric oxide in the body. You should also know that the aging process reduces the ability of our body to produce this compound. It is also worth mentioning that certain ingredients found in drugs like Kamagra and Viagra have the ability to trigger increased production of this compound. Of course, you can also increase the intake of specific foods too. Foods that are loaded with L-arginine for example have proven to be very efficient. Dairy products, beans, nuts, animal protein and chocolate with high percentage of cacao are great sources of L-arginine. If you want to increase nitric oxide levels you can also eat more watermelon.

The second treatment option comes in the form of pharmaceutical drugs. The pharmaceutical industry has revealed some very important discoveries in the last two decades and ED drugs are certainly one of these discoveries. Viagra was the first drug of this kind introduced about 18 years ago. After that, the list of ED drugs has increased and includes cialis, levitra, kamagra and other similar drugs. These medications are now available on the Internet so you can easily buy what you are looking for. There are some popular e-pharmacies like where you can find all these medications and more. Medications used for impotence in men usually provide results fast and the best ones rarely produce side effects.

Finally, another treatment that deserves your attention is de-stressing. It seems that the fast-paced lifestyle followed by many modern men leads to problems in their sexual life. Stress can lead to serious health problems and inability to achieve erection and have normal sexual intercourse is one of them. By practicing yoga, certain breathing techniques, meditation and other relaxation techniques, men should be able to eliminate stress and witness improvement.

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